‘Wizarding in the Classroom: Teaching Harry Potter and Politics’

This journal was an interesting read, as it mainly discusses why Harry Potter is an ideal novel to teach politics through and why undergraduates find it easier than others.

It can be said that the entire article is not extremely relevant to the direct discussion of race within Rowling’s novels; but it is relevant to the study of literature in general and makes an interesting resource to cite when discussing why the novels are applicable to political agendas. Also, as the main body of the article discusses how the class ‘Harry Potter and Politics’ was taught, it could be quite useful for those who have taken up the discussion of the importance of readership and perhaps what positive implications of having such a wide audience of readers can have in relation to learning about real world issues, such as race.

I enjoyed the linking between real life issues with similar issues within Harry Potter (for example seeing what students thought of Hermione’s failure to interest others in the welfare of elves to help develop the relevant arguments) and whilst it might not necessarily be an obvious resource to use as it isn’t directly “for” English Literature students, it is surprisingly insightful in relation to how we learn through Harry Potter rather than what Harry Potter teaches us.

In conclusion, I think this is an acceptable resource as it comes from an academic publisher (American Political Science Association) and holds relevant information that can be applied to analysing politics in Harry Potter.

Sources Mentioned

Deets, Stephen. (2009). ‘Wizarding in the Classroom: Teaching Harry Potter and Politics’. PS: Political Science and Politics. 42(4), 741-744. Retrieved from  http://www.jstor.org/stable/40646681

American Political Science Association (2016): http://www.apsanet.org/ABOUT/About-APSA 


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