The Hooded Utilitarian – A Look at Pottermore

I had never considered Pottermore as a resource when discussing race in Harry Potter in any case, but thanks to Shoker’s post on The Hooded Utilitarian and her nod to Pottermore’s usage (another positive to using blogs as a resource – they lead you to new places you might not have considered), I now see it as an interesting point of discussion.

Pottermore is being used as a method of promotion. Indeed, the site is not entirely engrossed in the wizarding world, as there are clear elements of JK Rowling’s presence throughout (one being stated quite proudly on the site that the new logo is written in Rowling’s handwriting) and an entire section is dedicated to purchasing the series whilst another shows behind the scenes footage of the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  In this case, the site is biased in favour of the Harry Potter series therefore would not be the ideal place to go when searching for critique.

What I find interesting is that the previous and original Pottermore site was a heavy-duty insight into the world of Harry Potter, and in fact would have been more useful as a source in regards to searching, using Shoker’s example, Dean Thomas and his background and would have perhaps created a form of “solution” for the race representation issues within the novels by extending his character in more detail – but the new Pottermore is very different and now more clearly represents the world of marketing rather than the world of magic. What once would have been a useful source for academic study, has now been tainted by self-promotion.

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